Daylily: Giggle Pie Delight

Hybridizer: Owen, P.
Year of Intro: 2011
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Bloom Size: 6.00 in.
Scape Height: 28.00 in.
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Basic Attributes:

bitone, blooms early to mid-season, reblooms, 4 branches, 20 bloom count, pod fertile, pollen fertile, semi-evergreen.

The pod-parent is (Alice’s Day Off x SC Royal Ransom)
The pollen-parent is Queen of Can Do


What a gregarious and fun-loving tickler this one is!  Personally, I gravitate to taller plants... so the majority of clumps in my seedling beds are more of the "statuesque" sort.  This one has been essentially "hiding" among a lot of mammoth and bodacious gals for a while now, yet when coming upon her, has invariably had a LOT of cheer to share!  I've always got a kick out of the perfect form on virtually every flower... so perfectly round, with the best example of petal "pie crusting" imaginable, and such a gleeful color scheme!  For sure, the barrage of flowers she'd toss at me every day was plenty enough to have me quite chagrined... and also enough for me to finally get out my measuring tape.  Turns out, her dimensions were quite amicable... so here she is, now just waiting to serve up some GIGGLE PIE DELIGHT in YOUR garden, TOO!  Oh... and performance? Just take a look at the massive initial scape, and the next one already coming!

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