Daylily: Jeffcoat Style*

Hybridizer: P. Owen
Year of Intro: 2012
Ploidy: Diploid
Bloom Size: 6.25 in.
Scape Height: 34.00 in.
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Basic Attributes:

large, double blooms at 100.00% frequency, blooms early to mid-season, reblooms, 3-4 branches, 18-22 bloom count, pod fertile, pollen fertile, dormant.

The pod-parent is Emily Hawthorne
The pollen-parent is (Frances Joiner x Peggy Jeffcoat)


Long before moving from PA to NC, I was growing a gorgeous double daylily by the name of PEGGY JEFFCOAT.  I grew to love the plant, as it was one of the very few doubles I could get to survive in my cold location... and eventually became intrigued by just who this beautiful gal was named for!  Once that treacherous move was over, and I began getting to know more people surrounding my new digs... I at LAST met the REAL Ms. Peggy, and her wonderful husband, Jim.

Peg and Jim have been living and working daylilies since God knows when, and putting just as much effort into volunteering for "the cause" just as long!  How they've ever found the time to devote themselves so fully to their love, is just beyond me!  I've had the honor of meeting a lot of people like this over my years of this obsession... but to find two people that have such utter "class", is truly rare!  Not only is their garden one of the most beautiful I've ever seen, it has an incredibly "warm" feeling... which makes sense, as it's the very same feeling of serenity that comes over anyone who meets them.  For sure... Peg and Jim have a "style" all their own!  Indeed, they're SUCH "open" and loving people... and able to motivate even the hardest of folks into taking part in bigger things, with a style all their own.

Because I've "known" the Jeffcoats first through the plant named for Peggy (that was indeed a double), I wanted this rare (for me) dormant double to honor their STYLE!  SO full and richly colored, this large flower is as proud as can be!  I was especially glad to finally get this plant into numbers great enough to share, as it was one that visiting neighbor Van Sellers picked as his "favorite in the whole place" when just a seedling.  A diploid that's easily larger in fan size than most tet's that I grow, it's not a fast increaser either... yet has "clump presence" with just a few fans as a result of it's sheer immensity.  Tremendous grace and beauty in the garden, to honor the style... of Peg and Jim!

2014: I'm very sorry to report that Jim Jeffcoat passed away this year... a tremendous loss to the daylily world. I'm "beyond words" to have this gorgeous plant here to remind me of "him".

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