Daylily: Feelin' Frisky

Hybridizer: Owen, P.
Year of Intro: 2010
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Bloom Size: 6.00 in.
Scape Height: 26.00 in.
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Basic Attributes:

blooms early to mid-season, reblooms multiple times, 4 branches, 24 bloom count, pod fertile, pollen fertile, semi-evergreen.

The pod-parent is (Alice's Day Off x Cherokee Pass)
The pollen-parent is Candied Popcorn Perfection


In total spite of the fact that for years no one was at all interested in hybrid daylilies of the "orange persuasion", I myself found the vibrancy of the color to be quite valuable in the garden.  So I worked at breeding them, even if only for my own pleasure and diversity in my slightly different garden!  Indeed, by adding interesting forms and pattern variations to the genre, it turns out some great things can be created.  Who knew?  ;-)

This is the most ornate orange I've come up with to date, and is indeed the most complex I've witnessed.  The triangular eye is nicely accentuated with a "reverse pleat" held firmly up the midrib (tight double reverse fold up the middle of the petals) by a waxy green throat.  Not only is the double edge extremely and delicately finite, the particular way that the fine looping ruffles work with that feature really puts an amazingly classy look to the entire "picture" of this flower in the garden.  Unusual too, is that the bitone nature is of different color range... the petals are truly of orange self, but the sepals emit a very subtle shade of light peach to the much lighter orange pastel (which is repeated in the petal midribs).  Quick rebloom is a definite plus, as I personally never can get enough of this level of dignity in this color class!  It's honestly thrilling to have such an amazingly complex flower to present, now that people are suddenly waking up to the fact that orange is a truly valuable color in the garden!


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