Daylily: Borders on Bordeaux

Hybridizer: Norris, Richard
Year of Intro: 2012
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Bloom Size: 5.50 in.
Scape Height: 44.00 in.
Display Only
Basic Attributes:

blooms early to mid-season, reblooms, 4 branches, 32 bloom count, pod fertile, pollen fertile, dormant.

The pod-parent is Pearl Harbor
The pollen-parent is Tupac Amaru

Description: Richard's description: "A bud count of 32 on plants that were growing on mediocre soil makes BORDERS ON BORDEAUX a fine choice for the gardener who wants an excellent plant. For the hybridizer, this is one of our best offers to date. We have a number of babies for this one awaiting introduction. The watermarks are greatly enhanced in many of the babies and the fine plant habit is readily passed along. The petal color is a delightful shade of rose purple and the very whitish watermark enhances the overall elegant look. There is a bubbled white gold edge with a hint of blue that gives an added dimension of distinction to the enchanting blossom. "

When here in a display garden I did for Richard for the AHS Nat'l in '14, this particular plant truly amazed me! Not only was the habit divine, but this type of flower can often be "blotchy"... this was was NEVER that way. Crystal clear re-tinged purple (or "wine") was perfect every time. One of the best of Richard's here... highly recommended!
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