Daylily: Heavenly United We Stand

Hybridizer: Gossard, Jamie
Year of Intro: 2009
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Bloom Size: 9.00 in.
Scape Height: 51.00 in.
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Basic Attributes:

blooms mid-season, reblooms, 7 branches, 36 bloom count, pollen fertile, dormant.

The pod-parent is Sdlg.
The pollen-parent is Megatron

Description: I REALLY didn't think Jamie would EVER be able to top his own plant "Megatron"... but I DO believe this one did just that! Truly the most iridescent and CLEAR red I've EVER seen, this sparkling jewel is truly "in your face"... with size, height, and branching/budding to BLOW YOUR MIND! A great pollen parent, but forget setting pods.
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