Daylily: National Memento

Hybridizer: Owen, Paul
Year of Intro: 2014
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Bloom Size: 5.75 in.
Scape Height: 26.00 in.
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Basic Attributes:

blooms mid-season, reblooms, 4 branches, 20-24 bloom count, pod fertile, pollen fertile, semi-evergreen.

The pod-parent is (Charles Johnston x Spacecoast Royal Ransom)
The pollen-parent is (Women Seeking Men x Another Night)

Description: One of two plants created for the folks attending the AHS National Convention here in Asheville 2014 (the other being "A Day in Paradise"), this RICHLY colored carmine pink with a darker eye is just lovely! A full sibling to a previous intro created to benefit Women's Cancer Research ("Becky's Resolve", 2012), this one is lighter in color... and VERY pretty indeed! Unfortunately, after giving away 450 of these, I forgot to save one for myself. I've none here... but expect with such fast circulation, it won't be terribly hard to find in a year or two!
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