Daylily: Shining Rhea of Hope

Hybridizer: Owen, P.
Year of Intro: 2011
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Bloom Size: 5.75 in.
Scape Height: 39.00 in.
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Basic Attributes:

blooms early to mid-season, reblooms, 4-5 branches, 25-30 bloom count, pod fertile, pollen fertile, semi-evergreen.

The pod-parent is (Eternity's Magic x Paulette Miller)
The pollen-parent is Jo Ann Bruce


OH MY... what a BEAUTY!!! This incredible near-white has SO much "elegance", it just blows me (and my garden visitors) away!!! Not a "huge" flower, but always appearing in multiple blooms on well branched scapes... this very tall stunner has so much green in it, that it totally shines in the garden. VERY heavy substance gives this gal a smooth look of incredible resilience, and with incredibly hardy plant habit under it, doesn't disappoint! The overall look of this new beauty casts a very green, very "fresh" look to the garden... an "aggressively serene" feeling, if you will. A real sweetheart, for sure!

"Rhea" is pronounced "RAY", and is a tribute to my best of local friends, Carol Rhea-Phillips. Risking ticking off her generally good-natured hubby Ted (by not using his surname, "Phillips"), but I was at my wit's end in finding a good plant name using it! Sorry Ted! Meanwhile, SHINING RHEA OF HOPE really describes the feeling one gets when in Carol's presence... she's got the sweetest, most honest and caring set of eyes one could EVER hope to gaze into. Her incredibly great-natured sons (Ryan and Evan) are a great testament of her thoughtfulness too, giving new "rays of hope" to all of our futures! For sure Carol, you're SUCH a cool person, and I really love having you... as a friend... for MANY more years to come. ;-)

A little follow up:  I've now shown Carol this dedication... and she cried.  I called her a "wimp", and she nearly smacked me.  The funny thing is, we actually met as a result of her kicking me off the racquetball court at the Y, so she and her Wallyball teammates could have the court.  It wasn't totally malicious (I'll admit), she indeed had the court reserved (I was just practicing)... and with a bit of visible guilt, she asked if I'd like to play with them.  I did, and have done so every Friday for the past 2+ years now... and LOVE IT!  Meanwhile, in light of this dedication, she told me just last night (and I quote)... "It truly was my lucky day when we kicked your butt off the court!!".  Now THAT'S a TRUE friend, right?! 

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