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Upcoming Events for Slightly Different Nursery/Paul Owen:

Schedule for 2017 Season:

Feb 24-26: Indianapolis, IN - Region 2 Winter Meeting (speaker)
Mar 11: Boston, MA - New England Daylily Society (speaker)
Mar 17-19: Floyd, VA (nursery closed)
Mar 25: Philadelphia, PA - Delaware Valley Daylily Society (speaker)
April 9: Middletown, NJ - Garden State Daylily Growers (speaker)
April 28-30: Warrick-Scism Wedding (nursery closed)
May 5-7: McDaniel-Powell Wedding (nursery closed)
May 12-14: Bumgarner-Acosta Wedding (nursery closed).
May 19: Shreveport, LA - Speaker
May 19-21: Horn-Brooks Wedding (nursery closed).
June 2-4: Hollifield-Kees Wedding (nursery closed).

June 7th - July 5th: Open Garden and "PEAK BLOOM" here at the nursery!
The place will be "ON FIRE", come SEE!!!

Gate will be open ("regular hours") from 8:30am - 2pm on all days but Sundays

Special deals for those who make the trek here, so come on out!!!
(Bloom continues after "peak", just call for an appointment if you can't make it earlier!)

July 28-30: Minneapolis - Region 1 Summer Meeting
Sept. 10: Huntsville, AL - Speaker (nursery closed)
Sept 29-30: Columbia, SC - R15 Fall Meeting
Oct 6-8: Hopper-Martin Wedding (nursery closed)
Oct 13-15: Thomas-Shoupe Wedding (nursery closed)
Oct 20-22: Carter-Tulloh Wedding (nursery closed)
Nov 11: Atlanta - Daylily Society of Greater Atlanta (speaker)

Memento's of some "slightly different" travels! 118 speaking engagements all over the world since 2007, and counting!...

Since late 2008, daylilies and gardening have brought me to speak... to 118 different cities, world-wide!
I only WISH I could show even a fraction of ALL the WONDERFUL places I've been... and PEOPLE I've MET!!!
Here's some fun shots of just a few AMAZING times that have been had...

AHS Nat'l Convention, Baton Rouge: Gettin' campy with fave gal-pal Susan Okrasinski... WHAT FUN!
Gotta just LOVE her... she's the inspiration for "Shutterbug" (Owen, '10), an award-winning plant!

London, UK: Got to travel with my "entrourage" (Sis Cindy, Mom, and partner David) to do a show for the BHHS and the
Royal Horticulture Society at Wisley Gardens... WHAT a coup!!!  Can you tell I'm excited to be talkin' to the Dir. of Hort the RHS,
Jim Gardiner in the second shot???  MUCH more about this scenic trip in the "Speaking in the UK" section of the site - DO havva look!


Toronto, CanadaWild man Dave Mussar takes me to the observation deck of the CN Tower to check out the town from above!  WHOA!
There's a plexi-glass section of floor in it... VERY weird to see nothing underneath you, when some 1400' in the air! 
I developed my "adult fear of heights" on that VERY day.  THANKS, Dave!  ;-)


Madison, WI:  John Sheehan shows me the MOST amazing public building I've EVER seen in the US -
the Capitol bldg in Madison!  GO Woodchucks!!!  Whatta guy... indeed, AKA "John the Incredible"!  (Owen, '12)


Boston, MA:  Pat Wessling and Leslie Nolan REALLY know how to show a guy a GREAAAAAAT TIME!!!
I saw more American history in just TWO days, than I'd seen over my entire LIFE!!!


Toronto, Ontario (Canada):  After doin' my regular "show" at the infamous "Spring Can-Am", they had me play auctioneer (somethin' I find myself doin' a LOT of!)... was definitely FUN!  I didn't even know at the time, that Nick White was obtaining so many pic's... he put them all together in this collage, which he calls "The Many Faces of Paul Owen"!  TOO FUNNY!!!...


Milwaukee, WI:  Here's two AWESOME and FUN peeps ya just GOTTA get to know! 
Francis & Genni Kleckner are "THE BOMB"!!!
You can bet Ms. Genni didn't come empty handed, either! LOVES her cookin'!!! ("Genni's Lovin' Oven", Owen '12)...


Birmingham, AL:  HERE'S a fab half of a GREAT "duet"... Becky Parr (who's missing her FUN hubby, Morris here)!


AHS Nat'l Convention, Valdosta GA:  DEFINITELY up to NO GOOD, with Mike Longo and Betty Roberts!...


Vancouver, WA:  Checkin' out hybrid Magnolia blooms was only PART of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, for SURE!...


Roanoke, VA:  Caught in a snowstorm after the talk, my Sis Jane ("Jane's Hope, Owen '10) and I still managed to have some FUN!...


AHS Nat'l Convention, Columbus OH:  Gettin' to meet up with GREAT friends like Linda Pinkham ("Linda's Sincerity", Owen '11)
is one of the BEST aspects of these events, for SURE!...


Auctioning is a HOOT to do, as well!!!  Here's a fun one... modeling a hand-made afghan up for bids,  in Detroit, MI!...


... and a GORGEOUS hand-made "daylily guitar", at the R2 Winter Meeting!...


Auctioning at the Cincinnati OH club's soiree,
it took LAP DANCING to get an extra $5 outa Bobbie Gratz!!!...


I think I nearly gave poor Ms. Pearline (Malone) a heart attack in Kingsport TN, with my "Hotta Pinkie" (Owen, '08) antics!
"80 Dolla, I make you holla... 100 Dolla, I make you SCREAM!!!!"...


One just CAN'T go to Lexington, KY... without seein' Sandy ("Smilin' Sandy Swayze", Owen '12)!!!...


... OR her FANTASTIC side-kick, Debbie Monbeck!!!...


They heard about my sweet tooth in Chicago, IL... and made an AWESOME cake for me - TOO COOL!!!...


Tourin' gardens with GREAT friends like Gerda Brooker in Youngstown, OH
is what life was MADE FOR!!!


Properly "throned" at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, MO... what a FUN TOWN, and CLUB!!!...


... and then we have the most sincere "daylily moment" in my life...
getting to FINALLY meet Vicky Aughenbaugh ("Vicky's Radiance", Owen '10) at the AHS Nat'l Convention in St. Mary, FL.
We'd known each other from our own "day 1" in daylilies, and the convention FINALLY brought us together...


Indeed, they say we get into daylilies "for the love of the plant"...

but we STAY in daylilies, for the PEOPLE!!!!!

I'm here to tell ya... it's TRUE!!!

Please check back for changing seasonal "slightly different" events as often as you can!

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