Our Customers

We treat our customers like FAMILY here at Slightly Different! Coming from a big family myself, I'm definitely the "sharing" type... or else! You don't have to take it from us... read some of what our customers have to say about plants they've received!...

"Largest plants I've ever seen! Highly recommended!!! Thank you Paul!!!"
Cheyanne M., Nova Scotia

"Nobody can do better!!! Wonderful strong and healthy plants! Great daylilies, and great communication!!!"
Gerald H., Germany

"Always top quality... only the best! Great bonus! Thank you!!!"
Kim T., Michigan

"EXCELLENT plants!!! GREAT bonus!!! SUPER seller!!! THANKS!!!"
Francis K., Wisconsin

"Plants were some of the healthiest I've seen. Great to do business with!!! A++++!!!"
Lisa R., Maine

"PJ is such a class act... sends nothing but the best!!! I love this guy!!! :-) "
Vicky A., South Dakota

"It don't git no betta! If you're missing these plants... you are missing out! Huge healthy fans, fast, friendly service. A pleasure!!!"
Charlotte W., Alabama

"Quality, health of plants beyond reproach! Huge fans take up a whole new 40-ft x 6-ft. bed. First-class plants; size of palm trees... healthy, healthy, healthy! Terrific gentleman!"
George L., North Carolina

"Excellent seller, very friendly! Healthy, massive roots, WOW! Will definitely be back for more, thanks Paul!!!"
Mark L., Michigan

"I always look forward to the new plants from Paul's gardens! He offers the fairest prices, for the BEST on the market!"
Debbie H., Michigan

"The plants are huge when you buy from Paul!! They look like cornstalks in a box! It's like Christmas every time you open a box - AWESOME PLANTS!!!!!! Paul's plants will become an obsession with you! TRUST ME! Many times repeater!!!"
Dave K., Georgia

"This guy is the best; beautiful plants, great friend! More intense color from your house to mine; love your lilies, pj!!!"
Mary Jean, Iowa

"Wow, no work here, just unwrap and plant, no debris, clean as a whistle!!! You d' man Paul! :) "
Dzejna V., Texas

"Paul's the 'go to' guy in Lilies... the BEST!! Ooh La La!"
Traci F., Iowa

"Very different lilies and seller! God love him! A very favorite seller with a great soul!"
Cynthia M., Louisiana

We've got WELL over a thousand comments like these in our files of customer feedback, 100% positive! We hope you join the legions of our TOTALLY thrilled customers... SOON!

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