Other Links

American Hemerocallis Society (AHS): an incredibly useful site with tons of daylily terminology definitions, searchable cultivar database, and more!

Region 15 Website (North & South Carolina's region): Includes updated information on all the major daylily happenin's here in the Carolinas, plus much more!

Cleveland County Visitor Information:  a great site to learn of things to do in our area, while visiting Slightly Different Nursery!

Sunny Day Puppies: Okay, it's not about daylilies... it's my Sister's (Mary Lisa Carter) web site about her love of hybrid... dogs! She's a well-reputed breeder of non-allergenic small "designer" dogs, several of which are owned by Euaknuba and Iams (used in commercials)! She believes in "hardiness" too... and it shows! She herself is also a "Team Penning" champion (rodeo star), and breeds cutting horses as well. These can be seen on her other website... Carter Performance Horses

Cha Cha's Treasures: a very handy and current site for anything "daylily", including a long list of hybridizer links.

Kincaid Garden Markers: GREAT product for marking your hybrid daylilies in the garden!  Unlike ALL others, these are made from 100% stainless steel... last FOREVER, and keep that "brand new shiny look" for years on end!  MUCH more durable... don't twist or bend!  I LOVE THEM.  A bit more expensive than other cheaper types (zinc coated), but you know what they say... "buy cheap, buy twice"!  If you plan on keeping your plants marked for more than 3 years, then that latter saying befits you too! ;-)

Gardenweb Daylily Forum: tremendously informative forum topics regarding all aspects of daylilies. Do a search under "Paul Owen", and see what people say about me!

Gerald Hohls' Website: A customer turned into a GREAT friend, with a really gorgeous garden in Walsrode, Germany! An incredible guy, who does just fantastic things in gardening and landscape design.

Foothills Daylily Society: This local club of "lily-lovers" is just great! We meet in both Rutherford and Cleveland county... LOTS of fun!

Catawba Valley Daylily Club:  A vibrant and very active daylily club based in Hickory, NC (not far!)... check out what they're up to!

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