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Welcome to Slightly Different Nursery!

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Creating hybrid daylilies for "hardy" daylily lovers... world wide!

Developed in zone 5/northern PA (12 years), then moved to Polkville, NC (2005)...
Northern cold tolerant, drought resistant, and rapidly reblooming (recurrent) daylilies are our specialty!

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Located on what was originally a 106-acre Thoroughbred horse farm in the beautiful rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, we've certainly found a "slightly different" spot to showcase thousands of gorgeous daylilies!

Originally growers/hybridizers of unusual perennials in northern Pennsylvania, we began specializing in northern hardy daylilies in 1998. Starting out with over 1300 named cultivars to hybridize with from other daylily breeders, we do still grow and sell the best of those here at our new location in western North Carolina.

Our "Slightly Different" hybrids are superior to their parents in regards to their northern hardiness, drought tolerance, sun resistance, and overall garden performance. While there are over 60,000 daylily plants here on the farm, NONE are growing under "artificial" conditions (greenhouse, shadehouse, chemical fertilizers, or soils rating higher than "average" in any common garden). Our seed is started right here in our red clay farm dirt, in our most exposed location at the top of the big hill... no mulch, or promises. Roughly 1 in 200 are selected for naming, and grown/moved around for an average of 6-7 years before naming/introducing (to insure hardiness). This method takes a full 3-4 years more than most commercial farms, but since it was the "hardiness" of daylilies that we loved so much to begin with, we refuse to budge on this... even if it costs MUCH more to do it this way! Using this concept, we can truly offer folks a hybrid plant that is one of a kind, will perform as we state it will, and thrive under natural garden conditions. Indeed... "Slightly Different", oddly enough!

We encourage you to visit our nursery, and enjoy the diversity for yourself! Our peak bloom season is from mid-June to mid July, although we specialize in rapid rebloom and there's much to see even later in the year should those dates be hard to make. Please refer to the "Visiting" link to the left for hours and directions. We hope to see you soon!

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Paul Owen

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